A Fabricated Case Against Naason Joaquin?


Los Angeles, California, May 2, 2022.

It so happened that in the hearing on the case of the leader of the Light of the World church, Naason Joaquin Garcia, which takes place today before a Los Angeles Court, and which may extend until tomorrow, Garcia’s defense, lead by attorney Alan Jackson, is leading a strong motion to achieve the dismissal of the case in which he is charged with alleged crimes against minors and which have kept him in prison since 2019.

This strong card was a motion filed last March 15 by the defense before the Superior Court of California, on which Magistrate Stephen A. Marcus will have to rule. This motion puts the following facts on the table:

For 26 months the prosecution concealed exculpatory evidence, which by law it was required to make available to Joaquin Garcia’s defense.

In that document, the defense team for the leader of Light of the World details how the California Attorney General’s office manipulated, altered and ultimately fabricated incriminating evidence, presenting the court with reports based on such false evidence.

Garcia’s defense maintains the firm conviction that beyond the tabloid sensationalism surrounding the case, even driven by the Attorney General’s office, justice will prevail regardless of media pressures.

Naason Joaquin, leader of the Light of the World Church has been detained for 1,000 days, along with a historic bail of 90 million dollars which was imposed on him.

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